80/20 Demo Van

Want a hands-on experience with our T-slotted aluminum construction system? When you schedule your 80/20 demonstration, and we’ll bring the product to your home, ask office, or factory floor! See the potential of 80/20 products and get a feel for the product and accessories in action!

When we visit we will arrive in our 80/20 Demo Van outfitted with the 80/20 gurney. The gurney is a virtual 3D catalog of profiles, parts and accessories that allow you to get a feel for the rigidity of the extrusions… experience the effortlessness movement of our linear bearings… and get a sense of the strength, and modularity of our many fastening methods.

No matter how big or small a venue, if you are ready to get a hands on 80/20 experience and want to learn more about our product, simply fill out a contact us form or give us a call.